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Ready to run...

So there is this guy I see almost every Friday and he wears these black track pants that fit him rather well. Whenever he is standing near me, I notice he adjusts or scratches his crotch a lot and it make me look in that area more. I don’t make it obvious, but I’m sure I do it more then I should. I can’t help it though; he has a rather nice package from what I can tell. Not to big but big enough. His butt also looks amazing in these pants and I just want to grab it. Love me some eye candy.

Well I have this fantasy of sorts where he is wearing those pants and I throw him up against a wall and I yank the pants down exposing him. I then worship his cock until he cannot take it anymore and he screams out his orgasm as he shots in my mouth. Spent, he slides down the wall as I simple walk away from him.

So is that wrong? Probably not since it’s normal to think about things like this; as humans we are sexual beings. But if I don’t have any urges in my waking life, I find it odd that my subconscious mind is willing to please someone and not care if they reciprocate or not. There should be a law against that if it is your own mind.

Oh well, it’s still a nice fantasy. Hopefully I have it again tonight since I saw him today. Mmmm…


Bored Now...

I’ve growth positively boring as of late. Nothing exciting is happening; just the mundaneness of everyday life.


Watch TV




I really got to get my shit together and get something accomplished before I go bat shit crazy. Time to cruise the web and find something to do.


The Unexpected Playmate...

So apparently my girls decided to bring a little friend in with them from their last trip outside. I didn’t even notice it until I was about to sit back down in my chair…he was just bobbing up and down on my blinds. They brought in a praying mantis. Lovely

The little guy wasn’t that bad really. He was just checking his arms and antennas as he jumped up and down. He wasn’t really bothering anyone either. But there was nothing for him to eat in the house and as soon as Neo or Shadow found him they would most likely attack him. That isn’t something I think I could have lived with.

So I got a container and a plate and worked him off the blinds. He wasn’t very happy and was ramming the sides of the container. When I got him outside and out onto an old cooler he was really pissed. Luckily he is in his home territory now and can find whatever bug he wants to vent his frustrations on.

Now enough with the excitement… back to True Blood
WOW…it has been over a month since I posted anything. This LJ ban at work has really cramped my style as I don’t really think about blogging when I’m home. Though I can still post things, I cannot edit them once they are posted nor can I check anything else on LJ due to the band… I find it all just retarded. What I need to do is try harder to get on here and post things when I’m at home instead of being a slacker and veggie out with some FB games and food network.

Anyways, nothing much has been going on since I last posted. We had a holiday (Lughnasadh) which I let sail past as I just wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. I haven’t been feeling very spiritual lately which does bother me a bit. I need to probably meditate or something …just don’t feel like it. Need to get my butt in gear.

I got pink eye recently. Totally not a fan. My eyes hurt so bad and waking up to a crusted over eye that I had to pry open was not very fun. And to make it even more annoying, apparently it liked me so much it did a repeat performance two days after I finished my drops. Lovely huh? So glad that shit is over…I don’t want to have to do that ever again.

Fae & I have been watching the Olympics as we like the gymnastics and the swimming. We caught a few of the track and field and it didn’t totally suck. Was very impressed with woman’s beach volleyball…glad Walsh & May took the gold for their final time. Don’t really care for the lifting, rowing, or basketball competitions…find them to be wasted sports.

Okay, hoping off of here to go back to my boring games and food network. Just wanted to let peeps know I’m still alive. Hope you all are doing well.

Dressed to Impressed…

You know, I find it funny how some people can go overboard with dressing up when visitors come into the office and how others under dress because they just don’t care. So they are either dressed to the nines or look like a slob that probably isn’t even wearing a clean shirt. Either way they look completely out of place. Where is the happy medium?

I work in a call center and for those of you that don’t know a call center is just a bunch of people answering the phones and helping their customers out. That’s it, nothing fancy about it. We pick up the phone; we deal with the customer issue, than we hang up the phone when we are done. Rinse and repeat.

Since we are just answering phones and not seeing actual customers, usually the attire is business casual with some departments leaning more towards just casual. I must admit, I was in a department that was more casual then business and it did reflect. My transition to the new department was a bit rough as collar shirts were foreign to me and I think I might have owned one in my whole wardrobe. Quite sad I know. In my own defense, I was in the other department for years and never thought I would ever be transferred…learn something new every day huh.

Anyways, assimilation is complete and I’m now down with the whole business casual thing and that is how I dress for work. I don’t overdo it cause that looks like brown nosing (and is quite uncomfortable) and I don’t under do it cause that makes me look like a joke. Nobody wants to look like a joke.

What I find funny is that others don’t actually see the happy medium and go to the extremes. Today is a prime example, we have a big wig visitor coming and we were told to make sure our areas were cleaned up and that we were dressed appropriately. We actually have some peeps that are in almost full suits as if they were going to some high class function. Can you say sore thumb, as in sticking out like? Dumbasses

We are a call center peeps…they don’t expect us to be that dressed up cause it is completely out of place. We sit on our asses and answer the phones for 8+ hours a day. Why would you want to be full on suit? You aren’t really impressing anyone since the visitors aren’t walking around the cube farm and talking to peeps individually. Only person you are brown nosing to impressing is a boss that probably doesn’t even care as long as you aren’t a slob today. Idiots!

“We're all born naked, the rest is drag.”
― RuPaul, Lettin It All Hang Out: An Autobiography

Happy Birthday John???...

So I just remembered something that I overheard yesterday when I was in line at Giant. The cashier was making small talk with the elderly couple in front of me and as she was scanning a birthday cake they were buying, she said “oh, whose birthday is it?” (Because it was any of her damn business)

The elder lady replied “its John the Baptist’s”

Say what? Did I just hear that right…John the Baptist?

Apparently the cashier didn’t hear correctly either, because she had to ask and the lady repeated that it was John the Baptist’s birthday.

Umm, okay

Can you say awkward?

They had made further conversation after that...I on the other hand focused on more interesting things like is that wall really textured or what the hell is that woman wearing outside.

I looked it up and yesterday was in fact John the Baptist’s birthday according to the all knowing Google. I didn’t think people celebrated his birthday like it was something major. I honestly never gave it any thought since he isn’t part of my religious beliefs so I had no need to know anything other than he was in the bible somewhere.

Anyways, just felt like sharing since it was a unique awkward situation that I actually didn’t cause…YAY!

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Happy Midsummer/Litha/Summer Solstice!!!

Today marks the official beginning of summer and the longest day of the year. Another turn of the wheel and the sun god is at his strongest and this effect is being felt all across the land. As his power is at their fullest, the crops we planted within the goddess are starting to bear fruit and life is flourishing everywhere. This is the time to clear away any negativity that is keeping you down and just be joyful and full of life. Stand outside and feel the warmth from the god. Take the time and smell the sweet smell of the flowers that are blooming forth from the goddess. Enjoy what the gods have offered us as you go about your day today. Hope everyone has a very Happy Solstice! Love and blessings to you all. Namaste
So from time to time I will just starting writing things that I see. This is usually when I’m bored and just starting observing things around me. So yesterday while I was in training, I went into the same routine since my eyes were glassing over from what I was being taught. The focus of my writing exercise was our trainer and below is what I noticed about him and my thoughts on certain things.

Appears to be in late 20s early 30s

5 o’clock shade that has been trimmed into a beard

Short brown hair that is shaved in the back and faded up to about a one inch spike. Spikes are at angle; angled directions pointing towards the right

Average build; maybe 15-20 lbs over what he should be for his height; had a little bit of cute love handles and a belly. Got the impression that he might have done sports when he was in school due to his physique

Appears to be around 5’9” – 5’10”

Blue/grey eyes - beautiful

Shiny light blue polo that lies nicely over chest and arms; shirt shows moisture badly. Keeps coming out in the back from where he tucked it into his pants.

Worn green khaki pants starting to wear down at the steam in the back just above the butt. The spot was about an inch and looked like it could split at some point in the future. Flap to back pockets all out of wack. The one on the right side has half the flap in the pocket and the other half out.

Medium brown Moccasin style leather shoes. Very thin and look almost homemade. Traction on bottom rides up the back of the heel…very interesting but weird at the same time.

Brown belt – nothing special; kind of boring

I believe he was wearing either black briefs or boxer briefs do to the position of his package in the front of his pants. At different points during the day I believe he adjusted (either when he went to the bathroom or was away from the group) as it didn’t appears as gigantic as when first seen. It could have also been he was aroused at some point and that is why it was so large. His package was still decent when not in its enlarged state.

I’ll be in training again today so I don’t know if I will write anymore or actually pay attention like I’m suppose too. We will have to wait and see.

Thank the gods it’s Friday!

And we have been blocked apparently...

So I haven’t been able to do anything really on LJ because apparently some filter was setup and every time I try to click on a journal (mine included) I get this message that page cannot be viewed do to a known malware reputation for the site. Say what! Since when does a journal have malware? Totally crazy. Oh well, so that is where I’ve been peeps if you missed me. I’ll try checking things from home and do updates from there. Hope everyone is doing well.


The bend and snap works every time....

Totally odd thoughts will pop in my head while I'm working and not really paying attention to my brain. I was on the phone with a customer and I remembered years ago when I was applying for an subcontract assistant position and it was down to me and a stripper. It sounds crazy, I know, but it is completely true.

Apparently the stripper wanted to change professions (I honesting cannot see why...strippers make good money from what I hear) and the main boss (who was in a completely different state and didn’t work day to day with the rest of the group) wanted her while the rest of the department wanted me. I could have lost out to a stripper. Not the biggest confidence boosts if you ask me. Nothing against the stripper; I’m sure she was a lovely person.

So my inside contact who was watching everything for me said that they kept going back and forth between the two of us. Apparently I was the more qualified candidate but the big boss thought the stripper would do better (in what ways they never asked) with the group. If it came down to it I probably would have lost in a pasties battle (though I would have given her a run for her money) but we would have been neck and neck with a flexibility challenge.

Needless to say, I won out and got the position. I stayed with the company for 3 and half years before I was let go in the most unethical of ways (but we won’t go into that). I enjoyed most of my time there and I was glad I was given the opportunity. Still cannot believe I almost lost out to a stripper though. Totally crazy.


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